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SOURCE: MTV’s Teen Mom 2

SUBMITTER COMMENT: I like to watch trash TV and so, when MTV had a new episode of Teen Mom 2 last night, I tuned in.

At one point in the show, Adam, one of the principal girls’ on-again-off-again boyfriends, goes into a house and what appears to be an upstairs bedroom to be tattooed. Nothing was said about the procedure being unsafe and actually, it was sort of blown off like it was supposed to be completely normal and okay.

WHAT’S AWFUL: Being tattooed in a home can’t be sanitary. Although the guy wore gloves, they (and the tattoo machine) appeared to touch his jeans before he started tatooing. As far as I could tell, no autoclave was present.

Even though I think people should be allowed to do whatever they think is appropriate, this kid (and MTV) is setting an example for the thousands of people who view their show. By not acknowledging the risks of getting tattooed in a private residence, many kids may think it’s normal or safe and will put their health in danger because they are misinformed.

HOW IT CAN BE FIXED: Honestly, MTV should probably add a tag to the show during that part or at the end that warns the teenagers who watch the show about the dangers of home body modification. Those consequences can be just as permanent as teen pregnancy and more life-threatening to boot.


Let me get this straight…

…a show on MTV - of all channels - about TEEN PREGNANCY….. showing a guy get tattooed out of a home is a bad example?


Seeing as how they are glorifying TEEN-AGERS who have NO REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE having children….

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